«History of Education Journal» is addressed to a wide range of readers: scientific and pedagogical staff, teachers of pedagogy, students, graduate students, doctoral students, candidates for a degree in pedagogical science, to all those who are interested in the history of education and pedagogical thought.

The main headings of «History of Education Journal»

1. Anniversaries of history of education and pedagogy
2. Methodology and methods of historical and pedagogical research
3. The history of national education and pedagogy
4. The history of foreign education and pedagogy
5. The experience of the regional historical and pedagogical research
6. Education of the Russian diaspora
7. Scientific discussions
8. Methods of teaching
9. Common problems of historical and pedagogical research
10. Studies of Young Scientists
11. Review of archival materials
12. Surveys and reviews
13. Chronicle of historical and pedagogical research
14. Turning to the sources